4 Steps to Motivating an Audience

11/30/2011 16:31

A motivational speaker needs to remember 4 steps in order to properly motivate their audience or their guests. These are crucial steps if the speaker wants their audience to fully gather and accumulate what they are discussing. One important step is to get to know the kind of audience a speaker is dealing with in order to mold their discussion for their audience to better understand them. These 4 important steps are used by motivational speakers during speeches and their overall discussion. Read below about exactly what these steps are that motivational speakers utilize during their speech.


1. Knowing the Crowd


It is of utmost importance that the motivational speaker gets to know the crowd or the audience. This is to ensure that they apply the proper methods of motivation for the type of audience they are facing. The best way to get to know an audience is to ask a couple of people upfront about who they are and where they work, this is to get a general idea of who the majority of the audience is composed of. After that they are to size up if they have and energetic or serious audience in front of them. This is important so that they may filter out their ice breakers to something that would energize their crown more.


2. Teaching Change


One of the best parts of a motivational speaker’s discussion is the part where they speak about changing a person’s daily routine in order for them to experience something more unique in their lives. A person’s daily routine will cause them to easily get bored and fed up with their work or with what they do. The motivator will encourage their audience to try new things in order to not get easily bored with their life but to find energetic ways to make their daily routine more interesting.


3. Making a Point


A motivational speaker needs to remember that every point they are making in their discussion has to be solid and true. This is to make sure that the audience will fully believe what the speaker is saying to them and not just easily shrug them of as fictional. They need a solid base for every concept or technique a speaker discusses with them. In order to give them that satisfaction the speaker needs to provide them with the assurance that all they are relating to them is true thus showing slides, videos, and charts to convince them further.


4. Instill Trust


The bond between the motivational speaker and the audience needs to be strong in order for them to have faith in what they are discussing. This is done by allowing your audience to trust and believe in the speaker so that whatever they teach the audience can fully absorb and instill it into their everyday life. The speaker must show that he/she is sincere in everything and anything they are discussing to fully acquire the attention of their audience.